Rewire your pain walking

Turn down the alarm in the central nervous system

Top Tips to Help Manage Pain for People in Pain, and Their Carers

  1. Turn down the ‘alarm’ in the central nervous system. A painful experience triggers a danger message in your brain’s alarm system and the sensitivity can be hard to dial back down to normal. Each day you can gently coach your brain to a peaceful place. 
  2. Focus on some minor everyday actions such as a sip of water or a snack. When ongoing pain disrupts your life, introducing new small daily actions can make big changes to it. 
  3. Avoid stirring up the nervous system by overdoing physical activity, being stressed or angry or focusing on negative thoughts. 
  4. Make good habits part of your daily life. These could be short or long walks (depending on what you can manage). Walking boosts your mood, helps you think clearly, aids digestion, helps you sleep, improves fitness, gets sunlight on your skin, reduces inflammation and calms your nervous system. 
  5. Mindfulness meditation is a simple daily habit you can teach yourself and offers relief from tension and a way to reduce pain. 
  6. Train yourself to worry less. Deal with your worries in a step-by-step approach. Solve problems, resolve issues and conflicts and dissolve your worries. Sometimes sharing with friends helps dissolve them. 
  7. Say no to things you can no longer manage. 
  8. Structure in fun activities to look forward too. This could include music, visiting special places or even gardening.