Dr Nick Cook and Dr Stephanie Davies

Pain Management Experts, Dr Nick Cooke and Dr Stephanie Davies, to Speak on ‘New Frontiers to Rewire Your Pain’ at Fibromyalgia Support Network High Tea for Hope in Perth

Perth-based pain management experts – Dr Nick Cooke and Dr Stephanie Davies— will speak at the Fibromyalgia Support Network (FSN) High Tea on Saturday, 27th August, 2016 at 1.30pm. Each year the FSN hosts a High Tea event to celebrate together and raise awareness of Fibromyalgia.

The doctors, authors of Rewire Your Pain, will present a joint presentation on ‘New Frontiers to Rewire Your Pain.’ 

Rewire Your Pain author Dr Nick Cooke said: “Healthy habits are as good as antidepressants. A daily walk can stimulate the brain, so thoughts are clearer which can help patients feel better and calm the nervous system.”  Rewire Your Pain, the book, has sold several thousand copies.

Dr Cooke and Dr Davies have five top tips for managing pain:

1. Practice mindfulness meditation each day.

2. Avoid situations that incur stress or anger.  Physical activity can relax the nervous system.

3. Concentrate on daily activities and live in the moment, feel the water of the shower etc.

4. Teach yourself to worry less about the small things. 

5. Always remember to have fun and plan activities to enjoy.

FSN President Stuart Woods said: “Fibromyalgia can be a severely debilitating condition; between 4-6% of Australians suffer from it. The High Tea for Hope is our way of celebrating with each other, to form friendships, connect with new members and pass on information.”

FSN is the only support group of its kind for Fibromyalgia in Australia, with members from interstate. There are more than 2000 members, in WA from Karratha to Albany, notably 300 members under 35 years old. The support group was established by Dr Kaye Brand in 2007; she was diagnosed in the 1990’s and found a lack of support on hand that inspired her to form the FSN.

Tickets for the High Tea for Hope can be purchased on the group’s website for $40 www.fibronetwork.org.au or by emailing info@fibronetwork.org.au or Susan@FibroNetwork.org.au. Tables can be reserved for ten guests per table and there will be gluten-free food options available. A raffle will be held along with spot prizes and generous awards on the day. If you suspect your or a loved one may be suffering fromFibromyalgia, please contact us as there are resources available.